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Immune Health & Thieves

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What about focusing on our immune health? This is a big one. Your BEST results are going to be targeting this from all sides with nutrition, gut healing, and emotional release as well as with immune- supporting oils. How does Thieves play into this?

The combination of cinnamon, clove, lemon, eucalyptus, and rosemary are like a tiny army marching throughout your body and scaring anything that doesn’t belong there. The little warriors cover each cell of your body in mere minutes, giving thorough coverage as your body works to hold its ground against any type of invader. The exciting part is the effectiveness against both bacterial and viral enemies which is uncommon. They are simply helping your body to do what it does best so you are left stronger and better after your battle is won.

TOP 3 THIEVES PRODUCTS FOR SUPPORTING IMMUNE HEALTH 1. Thieves Oil, Thieves Vitality Oil, and Thieves Roll-On - taken internally, diffused, and applied to feet are favorite applications. 2. Inner Defense - an oil-infused supplement favorite in times of needing an extra immune boost. 3. Thieves Cough Drops and Throat Lozenges - soothe the throat and chase away the cough while boosting your immune system instead of reducing it with the filler ingredients you normally find in other products.